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"Desire to Inspire
before you Expire!"





            "Live to be a builder of the spirit and not a wrecking ball!"


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     Mr. Allen was born August 26, 1957 in Lebanon, Indiana. 

     His mother became pregnant, then decided to marry the father of her baby.  The marriage lasted roughly ten years before ending in divorce. A younger brother and he were the only children.
     He lived with his father until the age of seventeen before running away. He left to live with his mother and grandmother. 

     He graduated from high school in 1976 with an A-B average; some college studies then followed.
     As a young man Greg developed some rather bad habits, but he became a Christian in his late 20’s.

     He held numerous jobs, but in 1988 he began a general contractor business.
     The Air Force Reserves is where Greg met his wife, Cindy. They married in 1982 and are still happily together. 

     They are the parents of three and grandparents of two. 
     In 2001 Greg wrote his first book, Builder of the Spirit.  

     Mr. Allen is an author, nationally syndicated columnist, songwriter, poet and the Founder of Builder of the Spirit. 

     He's a member of the National Society of Newspaper Columnists.

     Greg states, "I never really know how it will flow when I write - the Holy Spirit guides me when I do. I was never much of a reader or writer before, but God has changed all that!"



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Lord, make my pen an implement of Thy power.

Where there is ignorance, let it bring enlightenment.

Where there is prejudice, understanding.

Where there is cynicism, faith.

Where there is indifference, challenge.

Where there is loneliness, companionship.

Where there is fear, courage.

Where there is ugliness, beauty.

Where there is weariness, re-creation.

Place upon the feeble fingers that guide the pen Thine all-encompassing hand.

Fill my mind with Thy truth, my heart with thy love, my whole being with thy spirit.

Grant to me the supreme gift of forgetfulness of self in service to others.

Make Thy purpose mine.




By:  Frances Bourne Taft

© ~ All Rights Reserved